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The World’s first

Cannabis-Infused Gin

Hemp Gin from the Cannabis Company officially arrives into New Zealand.



Like Christchurch, The Myrcene contains the perfect balance of the earthy and the fruity.

That’s why we selected it as the backbone of our Hemp Gin, granting the name pride-of-place on our initial foray into the spirit world. Myrcene is the most abundant terpene found in cannabis, terpenes being the primary constituents of the essential oils in many types of medicinal plants and flowers. Small-batch crafted in Healesville, this complex gin represents the marriage of past and future. The world’s first hemp-infused gin distilled with terpenes – The Myrcene.

Bubblegum aromas blend with lavender, pine forest and sage. Soft tones of violet interact on the palate with woodland flavours of rosemary and resin, cloves and woody spices. With a long complex finish and a rich mouthfeel, The Myrcene is perfect paired with a premium tonic. Try it poured over a wedge of lemon with a sprig of fresh rosemary to really bring out those piney aromas.

About Myrcene Hemp Gin

Myrcene Hemp Gin is an award-winning premium gin of 40% ABV. This gin is well balanced and delightful but with a unique twist; cannabis. This use of hemp captures the current worldwide spirit of sustainability. Its innovative blend of bubblegum, lavender, pine forest & sage whilst infused with Myrcene makes Myrcene Hemp Gin the first of its kind.

How to Drink

The Myrcene pairs perfectly with a premium tonic. Pour it over a wedge of lemon and add a sprig of fresh rosemary to really bring out the woody aromas and earthy flavour.


Cannabis is having a huge moment globally and this is our shot to get in on the action.

Hemp Brands fearless leader decided to take the plunge and start stealing from the Aussies for once! They’ve taken more than enough from us – So it was high time to start importing this award-winning Aussie gin and help Kiwis get our hands on this precious commodity. 

Still, in its early stages (it’s only launched in 2019), Hemp Brands already plans to sell further Australian produced hemp goods for humans and pets alike! Following in our Aussie counterparts footsteps further expansion is an inevitability.

Many would say those producing both liquors and pet products (TBC) have no place doing so. We say Hemp is really just that versatile. 

We reward the Aussies when they do things right. And damn they’ve done this right.

Look, hemp is one of the oldest, food, fibre and medicinal plants known to mankind. In Fact Henry VIII the most famous and notorious king of England made hemp cultivation law of the land. In 1533, for every 60 acres of land, farmers were required to set aside 1/4 acre for hemp. Farmers were actually punished for not growing hemp… that’s how precious it was! 

Now, many hundreds of years later hemp is having a renaissance…

But these days even though hemp is on the right side of the law it is still widely misunderstood by the masses. 

Will you get that go-lucky gin buzz you know & love? Yes. 

Will your sensors explode with the new sensation of myrcene, bubblegum & lavender? Yes.

Will this make you the most radical attendee at your next *gin party? Yes.

Will your health benefit from drinking this gin? It’s possible!

Will you get stoned? No.

*Gin party: A current trend in NZ for those who no longer wish to mix their poisons, but instead choose to try variations of gin throughout the night.


Terpenes work with other cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, creating a union of compounds that achieve better results as a group than they would in isolation – an outcome known as “the entourage effect”.

The perfect gift for gin-drinking cannabis lovers
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Terpenes work with other cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, creating a union of compounds that achieve better results as a group than they would in isolation – an outcome known as “the entourage effect”.

Used in high concentrations such as this, terpenes are an increasingly sought-after commodity due to their therapeutic value in dietary health and wellness supplements. When cannabis is utilised for its health-giving properties, it works best as a whole plant therapy featuring more than just isolated cannabinoids. This is why we’ve carefully crafted this gin using select elements from the hurd, bast and seed of the cannabis plant to produce the moulin and brou used in our distillation.

Also found in hops, Myrcene is known to compose up to 50% of the total terpene content found in individual strains of cannabis, with Myrcene strains reputed to produce joyful and euphoric effects alongside an overall feeling of relaxation. Myrcene is perhaps the most highly-valued terpene due to its ability to ease symptoms of chronic pain and inflammation.


Our decision to select gin as the perfect spirit to distil using cannabis was strongly influenced by an early 17th century gin-making practice.

Taste and Aromas

With 14 botanicals in the mix, including lavender, honey, almond, sage, lemon, hemp and the terpene myrcene, this spirit, produced at Alchemy distillery in Healesville, in Victoria’s Yarra Valley, is a contemporary take on the classic London Dry Gin. There’s the classic citrus aroma as well as the warmth of juniper and coriander, with a distinctive piney quality – from the hemp. And herbal notes on the finish.

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